Where Can I Sell My Digital Art for Free?

Selling digital art online has become a seamless process, allowing artists like you to showcase your work to a global audience without the constraints of physical galleries. With the rise of numerous online marketplaces, you have the freedom to reach potential buyers around the world at any time. These platforms cater specifically to digital creations, providing a virtual space where your art can be appreciated and purchased by an ever-growing community of enthusiasts and collectors.

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What sets digital art apart is its affordability in both creation and distribution. You don't need expensive materials or worry about the logistics of shipping a physical product. This digital medium translates into lower overhead costs and the opportunity to experiment and iterate creatively without significant financial constraints. With free platforms available, you're able to bypass traditional barriers to entry and start monetizing your art almost immediately. These marketplaces support a direct artist-to-customer relationship, thereby maximizing your profits by eliminating the middleman.

Understanding Digital Art and Online Sales

With the digital marketplace expanding rapidly, understanding how to navigate online sales of digital art can set you up for a successful venture.

Defining Digital Art

Digital art refers to artwork created or delivered in a digital format. This can range from digital prints, original artwork, graphics, and fonts, which are all forms of digital downloads. Unlike traditional art, digital art offers flexibility, enabling you to reproduce and distribute your work at minimal cost.

Benefits of Selling Art Online

Selling your digital art online can be a significant source of passive income. There are numerous benefits, such as the ability to reach a global audience, which increases your exposure. Operating an online store cuts down on overhead costs and can be part of a broader online business. This method also allows you to retain full control over your digital products, from creation to sale.

  • Exposure: Reach art enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Passive Income: Earn money even when you're not actively working.
  • Control: Manage your prices, licensing, and distribution.

Types of Digital Products

You can offer a variety of digital products in your online store. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Art Prints: High-resolution files suitable for printing and framing.
  • Fonts: Custom font designs that users can download and install.
  • Graphics: Elements for web design, marketing materials, or other creative projects.

By focusing on these specific digital products, you can streamline your process and efficiently manage your online business.


ArtPal is renowned among digital artists for its cost-free platform to sell various forms of artwork. With the advantage of no subscription fees and a commission-free structure, you're able to showcase and sell your creations without financial burdens.

Your digital art can be sold as original pieces or prints. The platform's user-friendly setup means you'll be selling your artwork within minutes, with the added benefit of unlimited space for all your art. ArtPal also offers a valuable Print-on-Demand service that allows custom printing and framing for your pieces, enhancing the options available to your buyers.

What sets ArtPal apart is its resourceful guidance in marketing your art to increase sales. For artists looking to expand their reach and find new buyers, the marketing support provided by ArtPal can be instrumental. You can leverage these resources to effectively navigate the online art market, ensuring your artwork gains the visibility it deserves.

Joining ArtPal can be a pivotal step in your digital art career, as having a gallery on a platform that supports your growth without any fees is an opportunity worth exploring. Visit ArtPal to learn more about how you can sell your digital art efficiently and lucratively.


When looking to sell your digital art prints without any upfront costs, VSUAL stands out as an optimal choice. The platform is tailored exclusively for artists aiming to sell high-quality art prints. The service is comprehensive, covering everything from transactions to fulfillment, ensuring you can focus on creating your art while VSUAL manages sales logistics.

Getting Started: To begin, apply for a shop on the platform and upload your artwork. You’ll have control over your print prices by deciding on the markup. Once that's set up, every aspect from printing to customer service is handled by VSUAL, negating the need for you to maintain any inventory or deal with shipping hassles.

Print & Frame Quality: The prints are made using archival ink and printed on premium paper, which helps in retaining the color and detail of your originals for a long time. Framing options provided are of high-quality materials, ensuring that your work looks its best when reaching the customer, and offering various sizes and framing options enhances the buying experience, catering to a diverse customer base.

Artist-Friendly Platform: VSUAL proves to be artist-friendly, not only by making it cost-free to list your art but also by simplifying the selling process. Your art remains your primary focus, letting you avoid spending time and resources on the operational aspect of selling.


Displate offers a unique platform for artists worldwide to showcase their digital art, featuring high-quality, magnet-mounted metal prints. With a focus on providing durable and well-crafted products, you have the chance to present your artwork in a manner that stands out. The signing up process is straightforward, and you won't incur any costs for becoming a member.

Your job is straightforward: upload your finest designs. Displate then handles the rest, from manufacturing to customer service and even marketing. The effort puts your art in front of a broad audience without additional work on your part.

Commission Structure:

  • Standard Commission: Earn a commission on every sale.
  • Share and Earn Program: Generate up to 25% extra from total sales via a unique link.


  • No Fee Membership: Free sign-up to the platform.
  • Global Marketplace: Reach customers across the globe.
  • Customer Service: Handled entirely by Displate.
  • Marketing Support: Benefit from their marketing efforts to boost your visibility.

For artists considering magnet-mounted metal art, Displate is a potential outlet for creativity and income. You retain rights to your designs, ensuring you can continue to grow your personal brand while benefiting from their established marketplace. Explore Displate’s offerings and consider whether their unique metal posters might be the right medium to give your digital art a new dimension.


Altamira offers a distinctive platform that stands at the intersection of artists, art lovers, and collectors. The marketplace boasts of a vibrant community that not only buys and sells art but also forms a network providing educational resources and fostering emotional connections.

Joining Altamira won't cost you a dime. As an artist, you're welcome to set up an account for free and immerse yourself in a community keen on artistry and expression. Once you make a sale, Altamira charges a modest commission of 10%, which is a small price for the exposure and community engagement opportunities provided.

At its core, Altamira strives to make the art world accessible to anyone with a passion for art. Whether you're looking to sell your digital creations or hoping to amplify your presence in the art community, Altamira is geared toward helping you achieve those goals.

For artists eager to showcase their work and for art enthusiasts on the hunt for exceptional pieces, Altamira offers a seamless transaction experience. It removes the barriers that often come with traditional art sales, making it easier for you to sell and for fans to purchase your artwork.

To begin selling your digital art on Altamira, simply sign up on their platform. Ensure you register as an artist to be able to post your work. Once approved, you can start to connect with your audience and see your art career flourish in this supportive marketplace.


Offering a substantial platform for independent artists to exhibit their work, RedBubble allows you to sell your digital art without upfront fees. When you upload your design, it can be featured on over 70 products, from apparel to home decor. This variety ensures your art connects with a diverse audience, catering to various tastes and preferences.

The process is straightforward:

  1. Create your art.
  2. Upload it to the platform.
  3. Set your profit margins.

As sales occur, products are printed on-demand, which reduces waste and is eco-friendlier. You'll earn a margin you set on each sale, and tracking your earnings is made easy through a user-friendly dashboard.

To get the best out of your RedBubble experience, it's advised to:

  • Upload a full catalog, ideally 25 designs initially.
  • Use effective tags to make your work more discoverable.

Carefully tagging your work and regularly adding new designs will help maintain interest in your shop and potentially improve your sales.

You don't have to worry about inventory or shipping—RedBubble manages all of that. They print the artwork onto the chosen product and ship it directly to the customer upon purchase, allowing you to focus solely on your art.

Check out more about selling your art online to get started and join a thriving community of artists on RedBubble.


If you're looking to get your digital art out there, Society6 might be a valuable platform for you. As an artist-focused marketplace, it thrives on connecting creators with art enthusiasts around the globe. The Lite plan offers you a no-cost entry point into the art market, allowing you to list up to 10 designs that you can sell to a wide audience.

While signing up is free, Society6 does take a small fraction of your sales earnings as a commission. Specifically, they retain a 10% fee from the net sale of each piece. The bright side is that you have the power to set your own pricing, giving you control over your potential profits.

Ease of access is a hallmark of the platform, and you can sell high-quality products with your art across numerous categories. This versatility ensures that your creativity isn't limited to any single type of merchandise, which can be an invaluable asset in expanding your reach and finding your niche in a vast market.

On Society6, the ease of setting up your digital storefront is matched by the potential of reaching a global audience enthusiastic about art and decor. Making the leap to selling your work is just a step away, and with Society6, that step doesn't have to cost you a thing upfront.

Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch, also known as Merch by Amazon, allows you to sell your digital art without upfront costs or the need to carry inventory. It's a print-on-demand service where you can upload your artwork and Amazon places it on a variety of products, from t-shirts to mugs. Here’s a brief guide to getting started:

  • Sign Up: You'll need to request an invitation to join the platform, as it's not immediately open to all sellers.
  • Upload Your Designs: Once accepted, you can upload your original art and select the types of products you want to offer.
  • Set Your Price: Decide how much you want to earn from each sale. Amazon then calculates your royalty based on the product’s purchase price.
Create ArtworkDesign high-quality, original artwork suited for various products.
Product SelectionChoose the range of products that best showcase your art.
BrandingUse the platform to build a brand with your art's unique style.
RoyaltiesEarn a royalty on every product sold with your design.

Remember, Amazon handles the production, shipping, and customer service, so you can focus on creating and promoting your art. Keep in mind the marketplace’s competitive nature and differentiate your designs to attract potential buyers.

Make sure to adhere to Amazon's content policy to avoid any issues with your account, and optimize your product listings with relevant keywords to increase visibility. With effort and creativity, Amazon Merch can be a great avenue to monetize your digital art.

Whether you're an emerging artist or an established creator, finding the right online marketplace is crucial. It's not just about having a space to display your work, but also about being part of a community that values and supports digital artists. When you choose the right platform, you're tapping into an ecosystem designed to foster growth and exposure, all while retaining the fruits of your creativity without upfront costs.

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